Make the Most of Each Roulette Spin with These Tips

By now, you should be tired of seeing all sorts of betting systems that promise you the sun, moon AND exceptional overnight payouts falling in your lap, ready to set you for life. We promise you nothing of the sort but will happily discuss tried-and-tested techniques that do tilt the balance of fate in your favor in the long run.

First of all, there are some lucrative strategies for skill games (poker) or other techniques that can be successfully employed for other card-based games (like Blackjack and counting cards). Then, there’s the bad ones. Being a game of chance, the scope of various tactics one can employ differs greatly from the aforementioned card-based games. We took a good look at both the bad and the ugly of everything related to Roulette winning strategies and compiled a short list with only the main takeaways of this particular gambling activity.

Strategies that Work

  1. Exercising Caution

Unfortunately, a lot of roulette players get drawn in by the prospect of landing a whopping 35/1 payout with one roll of the ball. However, there’s another side to the proverbial coin. It is the same players that forget that there’s also a 37 in 1 chance of the ball landing on the predicted number. In American Roulette’s case, the odds stack even more against the player, given there’s a total of 38 numbers on that wheel – hence a 38 in 1 chances to win.

With this being said, players can turn to outside plays to complement their inside bets. While the latter refers to a bet placed on a concrete number, an outside bet is tied to other characteristics, such as number’s layout position, color, even/odd property, etc.

For example, betting on two columns in one go guarantees a table coverage of nearly 66%. The profits that come out of using this particular strategy may be lower, but the risk is also greatly reduced. This will allow you to have fun and be active for longer, even though it doesn’t promise surefire wins every round.

  • Exercise… For Real

Take a break every now and then! Scientific studies on human focus have concluded that people are generally able to properly concentrate on a task for just 20 minutes before distractions start wreaking havoc in our carefully planned out strategy (be it on how to bake the perfect cake or score steadier roulette wins) . Needles to say, playing for long periods of time without a few breathers in between will cloud your judgment and consequently affect your calls and the results. Use the 20-minute benchmark as a guide and plan your roulette rounds around 2 or 3 short breaks within an hour of gameplay.

Strategies that Don’t Work

  1. Identifying Patterns

There simply is no pattern to be identified. Either in a land-based venue or online casino, the results of each round is completely at random. This, however, didn’t stop some players from taking out their pen and paper in a bid to gauge “hot and cold numbers” (the numbers that pop up most often vs. the ones that barely do). Some online casinos will display this piece of information by default. Moreover, as opposed to a deck of cards that can give out infinitely different results just from taking out a card, a roulette wheel stays exactly the same in between spins and no round is influenced by the result of the most recent one.

  • Martingale System

Even though it works beautifully on paper, casino reality differs a great deal from casino theory. Still a sound and never indisputably dismissed betting system, the Martingale strategy does have its shortcomings. In short, it implies starting with 1 unit and betting double on each losing round. When a round is lost, the player makes up for any incurred losses while getting ahead by 1 unit. Therefore, a lot of stress chasing losses (which is never recommended, regardless of casino activity) for a modicum of a payout. This particular system, however, can become crippling to bettors that do not have a huge bankroll to sustain them, as piling up six losses in a row – for example – will mean betting 64 on the seventh round. Then, there are other casino variables to take into account that further limits a player’s ability to profit from using this strat, like betting restrictions. 

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